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Meet Your Forensics Resource

Flat fees & court-accepted results.

  • Uncover the truth hidden in your device

  • Document the proof you need

  • Alleviate the stress of employee/HR conflicts

  • Discreetly self-investigate a personal concern

  • Quality work & efficient turnaround in service

  • Manage and mitigate risk

Court-Accepted Results

Discrete & Secure

18 Years of Forensics Experience

Flat Fees

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Data Extraction

About Our Process

We make it easy! Sign up online and a prepaid shipping label is automatically emailed to you. Next, ship us your device to our labs in Scottsdale, Arizona. We then perform a forensic extraction of your device and save the forensic copy and a searchable PDF version on an external drive. We ship this external drive and the original device back to you!


We include an easy-to-use guide walking you through the steps to review your forensic results.

Why Forensics4U ?

Court-Accepted Tools and Methodologies

Our experts use the best technology in our industry and our procedures are held to the highest standard. With our 18+ years of experience in the lab and courtroom, we know what is needed to be accepted by the courts.

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Our Team is Highly Qualified

and Trained

At Forensics4U, we’re dedicated to giving our clients quality results you can rely on. Our team is a locally and nationally recognized computer forensics firm with experience in corporate, civil, criminal defense, family law and computer/network security.

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We Make it Simple for You

You don’t need to be tech savvy or have special equipment! We’re the specialists so you don’t have to be. Forget highly technical and confusing terminology.

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Our first-class technology and superior practices provide you with quality results you can have confidence in.

Lonnie Dworkin | CEO of Forensics4U
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Additional Services

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Coaching with a Specialist

Virtually meet with one of our forensic specialists who can walk you through your data and address your questions in-depth. Appointments are scheduled in 30 minutes increments.

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Extended Storage

Extend Forensics4U's retention of your data with our extended storage services beyond our standard 6-month policy. Forensics4U stores your copy onsite, in our secure labs.

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