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Coaching with
a Specialist

Individualized Support

30+ Minute Sessions

In-Depth Review of Your Results

What Can We Discuss in My Session?

For clients with in-depth questions, or who would like assistance when viewing their forensic results, we offer private virtual sessions with a Forensic4U specialist.

Sessions are booked in 30-minute increments and scheduled at your convenience.

What Can I expect During My Session?

Sessions are held on Zoom or by phone call, depending on your preference and internet connectivity. 

We'll begin by establishing your goals for the session and proceed to address each goal.
Working from Home

Ready to get started?

What Do I Need?
Forensics4U's lab secures a copy of your forensic results for 6-months post-service. If you have scheduled a session within this time frame, we are able to access these results and refer to them during your session. 

However, in the event you are scheduling a session after the 6-month hold. We ask that you send us your USB copy if you would like us to perform a walkthrough for you.
I Thought You Provide a Comprehensive Guide.
Why Would I Want To Schedule This Additional Service? 
Our guide covers all the steps you need to view your forensic results and navigate through your findings with ease. However, some of our clients prefer a more in-depth understanding of their results. 

Extend the Retention of Your Results in our Lab

When we extract your forensic results, we make an additional copy and store it for 6-months in our secure Forensics4U lab. We proudly offer the opportunity to extend the date of retention for purchase.

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