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Frequently Asked

  • I forgot my device's password. Can I still use this service without it?
    Your device’s passcode must be disabled, or, you may provide Forensics4U with the passcode. Forensics4U does not jailbreak devices. "Submission of Devices’ Passcodes. Consultant will provide Client with a commercially acceptable secure method by which Client can provide Consultant with the passcodes for the Devices. Client shall provide Consultant with all passcodes required to access the data on the Devices. Passcodes must be received by Consultant within seven days of Consultant providing notice to Client that the Devices have been received. In the event that a passcode provided by Client for a particular device is incorrect and a correct passcode for that device is not provided by Client within 30 days, work on that device will stop and Client will be subject to the cancellation fees set forth below." - Forensics4U LLC Professional Services Contract
  • What devices do you handle? Is there a limit on age or manufacturer?
    We handle cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, hard drives, USB, thumb drives. We can handle any manufacturer and model. For further inquiry, please reach out via our contact page.
  • Do I have to own this device? What do I do if I’m unsure?
    YES. For further questions reach out to us via Contact Us page. "Authorization of Client. Client hereby represents and warrants that it: (a) is authorized to commence a Project with Consultant; (b) owns the Devices submitted for examination by Consultant or is authorized to provide the Devices to Consultant and allow Consultant access to its contents (c) submits the Devices that will be the subject of the Services; (d) is not engaging Consultant for any illegal, unlawful or wrongful purpose. Under no circumstances will Consultant be liable for damages of any kind resulting from Client’s breach of the representations and warranties contained in this Section. Additionally, Client indemnifies, and holds Consultant harmless from any and all damages, including court costs, legal expenses, expert fees and attorneys’ fees resulting from Client’s breach of the aforementioned representations and warranties." - Forensics4U Professional Services Contract

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