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Extended Storage of Your Results

Why Extend?

Maintaining a forensic copy of your device in storage can ensure your precious information is safe.
  • Protect your most valuable digital information
  • Safe-guard from destruction, deletion or lost information
  • Everything kept in our on-site storage facility

  • Store your forensic results, a copy, or original / unprocessed devices

We adhere to the practices of chain-of-custody with our detailed handling records

Secured and under 24-hour survelliance in Our Labs Onsite

Easily Schedule in increments of

Commonly Asked Questions

Since you automatically store my results for 6-months post-extraction, why would I want to extend even further?

Great question! For most of our clients 6-months is enough. However, we find that clients who need extend their storage often do so because of the following:


  • Our extended storage ensures safe keeping in a secure environment

  • Client needs another copy maintained but does not want it in their possession

  • Attorney is unwilling or unable to keep a copy 

  • Have confidence that a second copy of their forensic results are in a separate secure location

  • Businesses do not have the resources to maintain their own records

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Where is my device held? Is it secure?
At our labs in Scottsdale, Arizona. Yes, your device is handled by our team of forensic experts who understand how to properly handle electronic equipment and uphold our high privacy standards. Your device is meticulously cataloged and stored on-site in our lab which is under 24-hour surveillance.
Can I store other devices?
Yes. We offer storage for devices that have not been forensically processed. 

Consult with an Expert about Your Results

We offer consulting services with a Forensics4U expert for an additional price.  Get your questions answered in a virtual session scheduled at your convenience. 

Do you hold devices that haven’t been extracted?

Yes. We hold devices that haven’t been extracted. In the event you decide to extract later on, we offer a discounted rate.

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