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Coming October 2022

Our website is on its way!

We're thrilled to announce our official launch at the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators 2022 Conference!

See ya soon!

We are on a mission to enable access to court-accepted forensic extractions of mobile devices, USB thumb drives, and computer hard drives. 

We want to put you in control to manage what you look for and how much you spend. 

We make it easy! Just complete our online request form, along with a services agreement and checkout. We'll instantly email you a prepaid shipping label. Then you ship your device to Forensics4U. We will keep you informed every step of the way. Once your device arrives at our labs, we'll perform the forensic extraction /  imaging and save the results onto an external Forensics4U drive. We will return your device, along with the forensic extraction, extraction process report, and a PDF report summarizing key information present on your device. 
We include our easy-to-use guide to help you perform keywords searches against the PDF report.

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